Rereading Exodus along the Anacostia

Rereading Exodus along the Anacostia explores intergroup dialogue, its role in understanding and addressing oppression and in envisioning new ways to get ourselves — all of us — out from under the millstone of racism and inequality and militarism. This book comes from Jewish tradition and from what We Act Radio calls “the underbelly of the Nation’s Capital.” It is published by, and proceeds support, Charnice Milton Community Bookstore.

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Rereading Exodus shares lessons the author has gleaned from DC’s Cross River Dialogue, a small group of white Jews, all living west of the Anacostia River, and Black non-Jews living and working east of the river. The hope is that this book can help promote intergroup understanding and address deliberate attempts to weaponize certain topics, across our overlapping Black and Jewish communities.This book is meant to foster crucial conversations and to add layers to Passover observance and reading the Book of Exodus.

Lessons DC teaches about these topics and about Exodus — and vice versa — are not specific to one locale. Join the journey to explore connections with other areas…and to learn something about life and struggle in the Nation’s Capitol, complete with underbelly.

Excerpts and Errata

Errata for Rereading Exodus

Preliminaries Chapter from Rereading Exodus along the Anacostia

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Excerpts for Tzedek Chicago booktalk

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