Book Talk with Tzedek Chicago

Thanks to Tzedek Chicago for the terrific conversation about Rereading Exodus along the Anacostia, May 11, 2022. Transcript, slightly edited from auto-generated captions provided by Zoom.

Join in Rereading Exodus Along the Anacostia

This Spring, Charnice Milton Community Bookstore and We Act Radio are launching reading and conversation with the aim of understanding the workings of oppression and our part in them.

Predictable Results and Grief

When Pharaoh tells the people to “cast (off)” the baby boys (Exodus 1:22), do we ask, horrified: How could any people behave as Pharaoh directs?! Or do we acknowledge that we are those people?


Rachel is a powerful biblical character, in her showing up and in her disappearing, and possibly the biggest “oker/uprooter” of the whole family….

Akiva and Ishmael at the Mountain

“Acher and ben Zoma in the orchard. Akiva uprooting the mountain….” some SVARA-inspired thoughts on rabbinic image-language.

Bent, Barren, Essential and Abundant

Midrash calls Rachel ikarah [chief] as play on the word “akarah [barren].” But what about Sarah and Rebekah? More on roots, uprooting, and essence.


What was Isaac doing in the field at the eventide? Uncertainty is more powerful than a simple answer.


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