Errata for Rereading Exodus

Corrections to text of Rereading Exodus along the Anacostia — for both e-book (PDF) and print editions, CMCB 2022. Thank you for your patience with these errors.

If further typos or oddities in the text are located, please advise

p. 12, end of second full paragraph:

…as well as Sefaria a Jewish site with a wealth of resources.
[“site” missing]

p.24, first bullet point:

Much of the drama, in popular tellings and in the Bible itself, and a great deal of the emotional energy is around getting out of the Narrow Place;
[“emotional energy” clause missing]

p. 32, directly before box:

Working through this book, alone or in a community, is one way of creating a new, shared experience.
[end of sentence missing]

p.63, last sentence of Case 1:

…soul crushing.
[“g” and period missing]

p.68, second paragraph of 2014:

…Michelle Obama said last April
[“said” missing]

p.77 in box

…(about a Sunday activity, BTW) as precedent.
[replacing “precedence.”].

p.79 quotation:

…The outraged white citizen had been sincere when he snatched the whips from the Southern sheriffs…White American left the Negro on the ground…
Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community?, MLK (1967)
[ellipsis missing; citation missing author]

p.101, quotation paragraph 1:

Bordering the charts about antisemitism and Jews are a series of contradicting assertions we wrestle with when talking about Jews, antisemitism, and racial capitalism. Each set of statements is illustrated as two overlapping circles, to represent that the two statements can seem opposing, but are both true.
[some text was duplicated; full text on JFREJ website]

p.127, second paragraph of “Collective Community Space” section:

…Years of collective work transformed an eyesore and health hazard into a meeting and performance space, full of artwork, plants and a beehive.
[“artwork, plants and beehive” missing]

p.180, second paragraph of “we counted 41”:

What happens in the long run
[“the” was duplicated]

p.195, box:

…view our safety as State-protected, regardless…
[errant hyphen in “protected”]

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