Isn’t It Time? for Rereading Exodus

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Isn’t It Time? shares excerpts from Rereading Exodus along the Anacostia (Charnice Milton Community Bookstore, 2022) plus new thoughts and questions. The material (choice of two downloadable formats below) can be explored on its own or in conjunction with the full Rereading Exodus text. To learn about possible communal learning around Rereading Exodus topics, like what Exodus might say about gentrification and displacement, sign up to stay in touch.

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Isn’t It Time? can be used in any season for interrogating and re-imagining the Exodus story, but it is arranged in seven parts which might be used —

— for exploration in the weeks preceding Passover 5783,

— to help spark new questions for the Passover Seder and/or the remaining days of the holiday,

— to spur action based on the Passover message, in the seven weeks of the Omer, leading to the festival of Shavuot.

Isn’t It Time? Contents:

1) Launching a Rereading Journey

  • General Orientation — Who is our “community”?
  • Location — What identities and expectations do we bring to any encounter?

2) Identifying Ourselves

  • Who we are in the Exodus story;
  • Who are are NOT

3) Framing the Journey

  • Starting points — How does starting point influence the story we relate?
  • Ending points — Is the point to get out, to arrive, or to journey?

4) Upheaval and Learning

  • Far Enough — How do we avoid the trap of comfort/inertia?
  • Coming Forth — What would it mean to collectively “come forth from the Narrow Place”?

5) Cross-Community Links

  • Interactions — Power, hate, and systems
  • Relationships — Their use and their cost

6) Placing Ourselves in History

  • Erasing and Forgetting — on the Passover journey and in ours
  • Multiple Paths — into and out of Mitzrayim

7) A Long Interval

  • 30 years and 400 years
  • Dwelling or Lifestyle

Isn’t It Time? (for Rereading Exodus)

Two PDF versions: (1) B/W booklet: 16 pages to print back-to-back on 8 sheets, folding into 8.5″ X 5″ booklet, and (2) straightforward 16-page (8.5 X 11) PDF.

1) print and fold to 32-page B/W booklet
2) straightforward 16-page PDF

Image description: Cover of “Isn’t It Time?” shows stylized map of DC, highlighting rivers, with text: Isn’t It Time? Rereading Exodus along the Anacostia: Engaging the age-old Exodus story, and our own, to inspire change where we are right now.

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Rereading Exodus along the Anacostia

The full text, Rereading Exodus along the Anacostia, explores inter-group dialogue, its role in understanding and addressing oppression and in envisioning new ways to get ourselves –all of us–out from under the millstone of racism and inequality and militarism. It explores what life in DC teaches about the Exodus story and vice versa. The book itself is available as follows


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