Passover and Launching the Count

For those who observe holidays by going off-line, or who just want to be prepared, here are the first few stages of Rereading for Joint Liberation journey in text form. Podcasts to follow.

(#1) One Job: To Learn Something

(#2) Did Not Know Joseph: #DontMuteDC Edition

(#3) Did Not Know Joseph: “Adread” Edition

Attached here is an appendix for ritual counting.

Please note, nonbinary Hebrew is my best attempt (after failing to find an expert to help). If a reader can help improve this, please let me know and I’ll correct. THANKS!

Get the whole book via Song Every Day

Wishing all a strong and liberating Spring.

Chag Sameach to those who observe Passover.

A revolutionary Holy Week to those who observe Easter.

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