Went Out, To See

In this week’s Torah reading, we see that Dinah goes out “to see.” What does it mean for an individual of one culture or community “to see” someone from another? What can and can’t we see? This is episode 8 in Genesis. Vayishlach is Genesis 32:4-36:43. What follows is Hebrew for verse 34:1, transliteration, and…

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A Very Long Interval

Please note this is cross-posted to “blog” and to “podcast” so that email subscribers will see it. Apologies for the clunkiness here with what the podcast, which is still new to me.

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Then and Now

Today is one for exploring where balance may need tipping: Does the balance some of us enjoy come at the expense of others?

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New Ways to Listen and Share

New Audio Archive makes it easy to share the whole megillah, thus far, and to catch up on any missed material. Subscribe at MixCloud or just share this new Archives page.

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Did Not Know Joseph: DontMuteDC Resources

Pharaoh “not knowing” Joseph is where the trouble starts, leading very quickly to an attempt to exterminate the People.

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