(#10) Old Names

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(#9) All of Us?

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(#2) Did Not Know Joseph: #DontMuteDC Edition

At the start of the Exodus story, Pharaoh’s “not knowing” Joseph indicates a “callousness and lack of sensitivity‚Ķ a moral deficiency,” rather than simply a cognitive state, according to Rabbi David Silber’s “Rereading the Plagues.” This callousness is a first step in what became an attempt to exterminate the People. Similarly, failures on the part…

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(#1) One Job: To Learn Something

Liberation requires learning something new. A timeless lesson particularly urgent today.

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Passover and Launching the Count

Rereading Exodus for Joint Liberation: One Job, #DontMuteDC, and “Adread” edition

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The Same Boat?

Today in “Rethinking Exodus,” we explore images from Lead Belly to Bob Marley — in relation to disparities in resources and responses to the Rona/COVID-19.

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