Counting the Omer

Then and Now

Today is one for exploring where balance may need tipping: Does the balance some of us enjoy come at the expense of others?

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(#11) Knew and Knew Not

The focus is on Dick Gregory in Stage 11 of our 49-stage exploration toward joint liberation.

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(#9) All of Us?

Text version of this chapter — And link to full text —

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(#7) Roundabout and Old Bones

Text version of this stage, includes the text from Exodus and an excerpt from Zora Neale Hurston’s Moses, Man of the Mountain.

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Under the Millstone (#6)

Can we get out from the Narrow Place if we remain unmoved? if we accept old systems of oppression as due course?

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(#1) One Job: To Learn Something

Liberation requires learning something new. A timeless lesson particularly urgent today.

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