Rereading with Tzedek Chicago

Tzedek Chicago members and friends are gathering on May 11 to discuss Rereading Exodus Along the Anacostia.

This book explores intergroup dialogue, its role in understanding and addressing oppression and our roles in it. The book deliberately focuses on the Exodus story as a narrative, with some intense power dynamics, rather than as a covenantal story for Christians, Jews or others. The book invites readers to take a fresh look at the two peoples we meet at the beginning of Exodus, how they got into the Narrow Place, and how we might envision new ways to get ourselves — all of us — out from under the millstone of racism and inequality and militarism.

Rereading Exodus along the Anacostia links the Exodus story to the author’s struggles around liberation in her adopted hometown of DC and invites readers to join in a journey along and across “the River” — sometimes the Anacostia, sometimes the river of Pharaoh and Moses; sometimes both at once. Many things that DC has taught me about Exodus, and that Exodus teaches about life in this city, apply to other places as well. It is that learning journey I hope to share. To clarify: what I can share is mostly a propensity for questions, a commitment to seeking new ways forward, and a sense of urgency taught by Exodus and by some experiences of intergroup dialogue.

To learn more, please join the May 11 conversation.

Omer on the Anacostia

This period between Passover and Shavuot calls us to examine the larger Exodus narrative for ways to bring the first stirrings of Liberation toward a deeper Revelatory vision. Throughout this period, daily readings from Recounting Exodus invite thinking about this journey and marking the journey with intention and blessing. To receive daily emails, contact omer at Hill Havurah to subscribe.

The Journey So Far — previous postings on the Omer on the Anacostia journey. Start any time! It’s always time to move toward greater liberation for all.

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