Did not know Joseph: Adread Resources

Did Not Know Joseph: “Adread” Edition audio

Text version of this stage

Displacement-related Resources

National Community Reinvestment Coalition report on gentrification.

“A Right to the City” exhibit at the Smithsonian’s Anacostia Community Museum on-line materials

In conjunction with “A Right to the City, ” We Act Radio offers a weekly program, “Gentrification or Displacement,” hosted by photographer Joseph Young.

We Act Radio’s building and two nearby businesses faced likely displacement as part of re-development.

Jewish Citations

Does the text mean to suggest that it was the memory of Joseph that had kept the Israelites safe from oppression in Egypt? In other words, was the hatred always there just below the surface, waiting for the opportunity to arise?

— “Pharaoh Didn’t Know Joseph,” Daniel J. Moskowitz

B. Talmud Sotah 11a:

Now there arose a new king (Ex 1:8). Rab and Samuel [differ in their interpretation]; one said that he was really new, while the other said that his decrees were made new. He who said that he was really new did so because it is written ‘new’; and he who said that his decrees were made new did so because it is not stated that [the former king] died and he reigned [in his stead]. Who knew not Joseph — he was like one who did not know [Joseph] at all.

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