Recounting 5782 Daily Pages

Introduction and Blessings

Count BeginsOrient Myself

1 Day CompletedLocate Myself

2 Days CompletedStarting Points

3 Days CompletedEnding Points/Aims

4 Days Completed“Far Enough”

5 Days CompletedThis Millstone

6 Days CompletedThese Old Bones

One Week CompleteResources for the Long Haul

7 Days CompletedWho We Are

8 Days CompletedWho We Are Not

9 Days CompletedWho-All is Joining

10 Days Completed Interactions on the Journey

11 Days Completed Relationship Power/Limits

12 Days CompletedBig Names

13 Days Completed Engagement on the Journey

Two Weeks CompleteWilderness Connections

14 Days CompletedCosts of Engagement

15 Days CompletedDeeper Costs

16 Days CompletedPreventing Exploitation

17 Days CompletedHumanizing and Its Limits

18 Days CompletedValue of Bridges

19 Days CompletedSpan of Our Bridges

20 Days CompletedMourning

Three Weeks CompleteMore Advocacy Resources

21 Days Completed Guarding Memory

22 Days Completed Idols

23 Days CompletedMemory Misuse

24 Days CompletedNot Remembering

25 Days CompletedErasing and Forgetting

26 Days Completed Multiple Paths

27 Days Completed “The People”

Four Weeks Complete DC History and MLK Resources

28 Days Completed Dread

29 Days CompletedShrewd Dealings

30 Days CompletedAdding Enemies

31 Days CompletedMore Enemies

32 Days Completed Erroneous Impressions

33 Days Completed Respect and Relationship

34 Days CompletedTrust and Worth

Five Weeks Complete Power, Politics, Publishing, and Mourning

35 Days CompletedPharaoh’s Fear

36 Days CompletedRealtors of Pitom

37 Days CompletedSelling the City

38 Days CompletedDisplacement

39 Days CompletedDisparity and Displacement

40 Days Completed Commercial Displacement

41 Days Completed Pharaoh’s Policies

Six Weeks Complete Selling “Authenticity” and Swampoodle

42 Days CompletedInfants and Mothers

43 Days CompletedPlanning

44 Days CompletedPharaoh’s Household

45 Days CompletedGuns

46 Days CompletedEvidence

47 Days CompletedCollective Shrug

48 Days CompletedThe Long Interval

Seven Weeks CompleteEvidence March and May

Beyond the Omer

51a — Resistance and Response

51b — Reparations

51c — Rescue

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