Leaving Sinai

Post-Revelation, week 2. This commentary looks at the exchange between Moses and his father-in-law about the latter’s desire to go his own way, back home and not follow the Yisreal-ites on their journey away from Sinai (Numbers 10:29-32). The brief exchange is left open-ended, allowing for much commentary. Also allowing for us to pause and…

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(#24) Lagged, Late, So Long

Uncertain times, the way forward, the Golden Calf, and justice denied.

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(#22) Trouble to See

In what ways do we need to emulate Moses at the Burning Bush, taking “trouble to see,” in order to build more diverse and more inclusive communities?

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(#12) Models of Response and Resistance

What does Moses’ early life teach us about how to (and how NOT to) educate ourselves and our youth for resistance to oppression?

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Hurston’s Moses: Intro-1

Preparing for Passover with Zora Neale Hurston’s 1939 Moses, Man of the Mountai

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Daily Notes: Another Day in Oppression and Resistance

brief comments on the Book of Exodus and how it relates to current realities.

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