(#42) In Pharaoh’s House

Recalling that the biblical Joseph was sold into servitude in Pharaoh’s house and that, following his time in prison, he returns to servitude. He is exalted, has an important and powerful place in the administration, marries and has children; and he eventually reconciles with his family of origin. But he remains in servitude. And that…

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(#41) Pharaoh’s Signet

Upon leaving prison, the biblical Joseph is given a job, and Pharaoh’s ring and chain and clothing to signify his rank and Pharaoh’s trust (Gen 41:42). This does not reflect the experience of many returning citizens who face unemployment at much higher rates than those without records. Changing the odds upon re-entry is one aspect…

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(#40) Rushed from the Dungeon

Continuing look at Gen 41:14, in which Joseph is rushed out of prison to Pharaoh. Bureau of Prisons Covid-19 cases as of 5/18/20 and more on conditions for those not yet rushed out of prison.

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(#39) Hair Cut, Clean Clothes

The biblical Joseph’s story is a reminder of the need, in detention and prison, for clean clothes and access to hygiene,

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(#38) No Trial

The biblical Joseph tells his fellow prisoners: “For in truth, I was kidnapped from the land of the Hebrews; nor have I done anything here that they should have put me in the dungeon.” — Gen 40:15 Sforno (Italy, c.1470 – 1550 CE) explains that Joseph’s meaning: the reason why he will have me released…

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(#36) Joseph in Prison

This stage takes the biblical Joseph into prison, and with his story in mind, we consider the conditions of youth in detention during this pandemic. Just received this from Southern Poverty Law Center and so include it FYI.

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