Experiment 5782

Not sure where this is going, but launching a new set of Torah explorations with Haazinu, near the end of Deuteronomy, and looking back/ahead to Breishit, at the start of the reading cycle.

While the writing is mine, the thoughts are informed and inspired by Tzedek Chicago Torah study, a weekly on-line communal dive into Torah led by Rabbi Brant Rosen. They are also informed by years of Torah study with Fabrangen Havurah, more recent studies with Hill Havurah, and by Talmud study with SVARA: A Traditionally Radical Yeshiva.

The original idea for the blog and podcast here was to bring DC-focused perspectives, especially those from east of the river, to Torah study. Most of that material is still accessible here — and, sadly — many of the points about disparities in health and housing, etc. are no less relevant. At present, however, different aspects of the text are calling….

thoughts and suggestions welcome!

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