Perspectives and Pauses: Episode 10

Perspectives and Pauses: Episode 10

This week’s reading, Mikeitz (Gen 41:1-44:17), comes to us from several different perspectives. In addition Rabbi Suzanne Singer notes the cliffhanger nature of this telling, describing it as a reminder to us that “…our choices are moment-to-moment decisions, the path never certain until the time comes to act. This cliffhanger ending is also a signal of hope, because teshuvah [return, repentance] is always open to us” (final paragraph here). These two narrative devices — use of different perspectives and the cliffhanger — have crucial relevance to events in DC this past weekend and to the threat ahead: The time to act is always before us, and taking into account the perspectives of those most affected is essential in decision-making.

Please visit December 2020 in DC for background on events this past weekend from a variety of perspectives.

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