(#25) MIDPOINT: Urgency and Pause

(#25) MIDPOINT: Urgency and Pause

The midpoint of the 49-stage journey, a good spot for re-evaluating where we’re headed and who/what has been previously hidden that we need to continue the journey well.

This is the first stage of the Rereading Exodus journey not based, at least in part, on material prepared before the holiday of Passover and the shelter-in-place orders of this pandemic.

The Afikoman tradition insists that we consider that which was hidden from view before moving on to the seder’s conclusion. Similarly, the announcement of the Reopen DC plans serve as a stark illustration of who and what is regularly ignored, hidden from some views. We can use the announcement as a call to make the hidden visible, to insist that all who are so often ignored be incorporated into the proceedings — like the Afikoman which must return to the table — before the conclusion is reached.

The Passover story highlights rushing away before bread was risen, hurrying to escape Pharaoh’s army, plunging headlong into the Sea of Reeds in order to make it out of the Narrow Place. Much urgency… and then —

Incorporating the Hidden

Explore DC’s “Reopen DC” plans and advisory council to see what and who is left out of view.

How might we effect a pause to ensure that we are neither wandering aimlessly nor plowing ahead in ways that allow some to escape while others are left behind?

PLEASE DO NOT COMPLETE THE REOPEN SURVEY WITHOUT FIRST CONSIDERING the value of what will be collected and how it might be used.

This midpoint represents a new way forward, beyond previously prepared materials. Now is a great time to join the journey and to encourage others to join.

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