Series: Rethinking Exodus

Shared Culture: Intro-4

Exploring some cultural images and political uses of the Book of Exodus.

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A Better Place? Intro-3

Is it still useful to speak of “wherever you are” as biblical Egypt and the way forward “joining hands and marching”?

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Are We There Yet? Intro-2

are trapped in an endless cycle? or is this time around a new opportunity to come better prepared?

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Cross River Dialogue

Brenda Richardson, community engagement consultant and Ward 8 resident, joins the conversation.

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Pre-Passover Fears and Ramblings

Episode One with Rabbi Hannah Spiro of DC’s Hill Havurah.

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Hurston’s Moses: Intro-1

Preparing for Passover with Zora Neale Hurston’s 1939 Moses, Man of the Mountai

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