Series: Rethinking Exodus

(#7) Roundabout and Old Bones

Text version of this stage, includes the text from Exodus and an excerpt from Zora Neale Hurston’s Moses, Man of the Mountain.

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Under the Millstone (#6)

Can we get out from the Narrow Place if we remain unmoved? if we accept old systems of oppression as due course?

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Out of the Narrow Place: Perspectives on Gun Violence and Dialogue

Conversation with two activists, from either side of the Anacostia, who met through DC’s Cross River Dialogue and now work together and in complement. Related links on guns, healing, and trauma.

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The Counting: Intro-8

The Jewish calendar offers us a model for avoiding Blursday syndrome through Sefira, the Counting.

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Wherever You Are: Intro-7

Focusing on two passages from New American Haggadah, recent unemployment, and the spotty nature of justice or freedom.

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The Same Boat? Intro-5

Exploring Exodus, the Passover seder, and popular music — as well as different communities and COVID-19.

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