Series: Rethinking Exodus Journey (1-19)

Daily thoughts in a 49-stage journey. For those who observe Sefira — ritual counting of the omer — count and resources included.

(#19) Can We Imagine?

The midwives of early Exodus employ what looks like racist language in an effort to protect the Yisrael-ite babies. Is this ever a good strategy?

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#18: A Very Long Interval

The Yisrael-ites were in Mitzrayim for 430 years or “a very long time.” The US, too, has a history of slavery and its aftermath of this length.

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(#17) Long Predicted Results

We return to Dick Gregory’s Bible Tales (1974) and look at what has changed and what has not, how long predicted some of these results have been…

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(#16) Predictable Results

Death would be the “predictable — but not immediate — result” of following Pharaoh’s orders, in Exodus 1, about baby boys. We see many such predictable — but not immediate — lethal results.

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(#15) How We Read

Understanding what perspectives and assumptions we bring to our Bible reading is crucial to any serious exploration.

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Another Model? (#14)

The exchange of material goods between Mitzrayim-ites and Yisraeli-ites can be read as everything from “plunder” to “reparations.” And that’s only part of the complications in this text.

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