The Same Boat? Intro-5

This episode explores some images from Exodus, the Passover seder, and popular music: Lead Belly’s “We’re in the Same Boat, Brother,” the folk song “We’re All in the Same Boat Now,” and Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song.” It also touches on the Rona/COVID-19 and disparities in resources and responses.

Same Boat Now

It’s a story as old as this country is young,
And the red, white and blue stand for freedom,
And justice for all, that’s the hardest one somehow,
We all came here on diff’rent ships,
but we’re all in the same boat now.

Whether Christian, Sikh or Moslem, Buddhist or Jew,
We’re a patchwork quilt of customs, menus, and views,
Diversity is who we are
so welcome ev’ry one,
We’re a coat of many colors,
We are Americans.
–“The Same Boat Now”
lyrics by Byron Walls, of the 1960s folk group “The Travellers”

Same Boat, Brother

Lead Belly — “We’re in the same boat, brother” —

Rona/COVID-19 and the Same Boat

Additional discussion note: In DC, as in many other places, differences in existing infrastructure — from housing and health and education to personal networks and individual resources — mean that our different neighborhoods are set up to weather this pandemic disparately. We may be in the same boat, but conditions are not quite the same… Similarly, we may be all trying to join hands and march toward liberation, but we mustn’t lose sight of differences in history and provisions that we bring with us.

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