(#31) Exodus without Liberation

Hagar and Ishmael, and their connection to Mitzrayim, add another layer to the story of the Yisrael-ites and Mitzrayim-ites. This stage quotes from Texts of Terror: Literary-Feminist Readings of Biblical Narrative by Phyllis Trible. Philadelphia: Fortress Press, 1984.

(#30) Tevye’s View

In contrast, or complement, to the historical and geographic view of the last stage, here is a literary/imaginative look at the journeying of the biblical Abraham and Sarah. Quoted: Booking Passage: Exile and Homecoming in the Modern Jewish Imagination. Sidra DeKoven Ezrahi. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 2000. Tevye the Dairyman and The Railroad … Continue reading (#30) Tevye’s View

(#27) From There

What does it mean to be "from there"? The Hebrew word for "Hebrews" is thought to mean something like "folks from over there" or maybe "from the other side of the river." How does the view from the other side inform the Exodus and struggle for liberation?

(#26) Hidden

This installment continues exploring the idea raised by considering the Afikoman in the Passover seder. What or who is hidden from us, and so preventing joint liberation? Why? and how can we address that lack of inclusion? This installment comes with an assignment: begin every day a new discipline of looking for the hidden... in … Continue reading (#26) Hidden